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Nepal National Parks

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Day Tours in NepalThere are a total of 9 national parks, 3 wildlife reserves, 6 conservation areas, 1 hunting reserve including 11 buffer zone areas in and around protected areas, covering a total of 28,998.67 sq km.(19.70%) of the country’s total land. Nepal’s rich bio-diversity renders it ideal as an eco-tourism destination. Nepal exists as a narrow landlocked country that separates India from China. About the size of Iowa, the Democratic Republic of Nepal, has nearly 60 ethnic groups, at least 70 languages and at least 6 religions. Nepali is the official language of Nepal; however, most educated people speak and understand English as well. Nepal is one of the poor and least developed countries in the world, ranked 138th in Human Development Index and included on the list of 10 least developed countries in Asia and Oceania . Nepal’s rapidly growing human population is putting increased pressure on its natural resources and wildlife. In, Nepal, with only about 40 percent of its population having access to electricity, most people still use firewood to cook with and to heat their homes. This continued demand for firewood has led to significant habitat destruction in some parts of Nepal. Over one-third of Nepal’s population still live two hours or more walking distance from the nearest permanent road. While agriculture employs over three-quarters of Nepal’s population, it accounts for just over one-third of Nepal’s economy. Tourism accounts for nearly three percent of Nepal’s economy and is one of the country’s biggest sources of foreign currency. More than half a million foreign tourists visit Nepal annually. Nepal’s spectacular landscapes and diverse, exotic cultures drive its tourism industry, but political instability and poor infrastructure have restricted tourism growth.